upper lip hair removalIf you’ve got a little problem with lip hair then we can help by giving you the best comparison for upper lip hair removal.

When you know the most popular available options then you’re able to weigh the pros and cons of each so you can select the method best for you.

Unwanted facial hair is not uncommon and affects about 22% of women in the US — ethnic background or heredity often plays a role in who has it and who doesn’t.

It can also be a by-product of androgen excess. Androgens are produced primarily from the adrenal glands and the ovaries in women during their reproductive years. An overproduction may result is excess, unwanted facial hair among other conditions.

For some it’s a conscious decision to ignore it and for others it can be an embarrassment, creating an emotional burden you don’t need.

Popular Lip Hair Removal Options

Current methods for removing any unwanted facial hair include such over-the-counter methods as plucking, waxing (including the sugar forms), depilatories, shaving, and home electrolysis.

Then there are those hair removal methods that may take place in the professional office of a doctor or dermatologist and these are laser, and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. These services may also be offered at a spa.

Each of the methods have different levels of effectiveness. Your skin type, sensitivity and ethnicity together with your hair color will all factor into how these upper lip hair removal options will work for you.

Even medical conditions like pregnancy and taking medications may impact your level of risk and outcome in choosing a lip hair removal method.

Most methods seek to remove hairs, others like Eflornithine cream, a topical solution works to reduce the rate of growth in upper lip hair. This in partnership with other upper lip hair removal methods may provide a moderately longer period until your next regrowth.

Fairly fast
May be irritating
Faster regrowth
Works with other methods
Stops regrowth up to 2 months
Minimal problems with use
Must be continued to prevent regrowth
Costs more than some methods
May result in some permanent hair removal
Will lengthen time of regrowth
Risk for scarring and skin color changes
Repeat treatments may be needed
Can be painful
Efficient with predictable results
Hair reduction is permanent
Must have dark hair
Expensive treatments
Treatments can be painful
Risk for scarring and skin color changes
Darker skin more prone to damage from IPL
Permanent hair reduction
Less painful than IPL
Photosensitivity may occur when taking medications
Repeated treatments needed
Time consuming
Very inexpensive
Can lengthen time of regrowth
May cause irritation
Can be time consuming
Inexpensive treatment
Slows regrowth over other methods
Can be messy
Can be painful
May cause irritation

The Biggest Misconceptions about Lip Hair Removal

One of the biggest misconceptions about how to get rid of upper lip hair is that it will grow back thicker and darker — not the case. When hair is removed at the root it grows back tapered which results in a finer, softer appearance.

When you remove unwanted facial hair with a razor or at the surface, you are blunt cutting the end of the hair shaft which gives it the appearance of a thicker, darker growth.

Another misconception is that laser and IPL therapies will permanently remove hair. Electrolysis is still the only true permanent hair removal method and the only permanent treatment recognized by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

The FDA has put together a report on removing hair safely. You can download a PDF of the report HERE.

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