Full LipsIt’s not surprising that full lips are an obsession for those that spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars to get them.

Full lips, along with eye shape and chin shape are the three key facial features that are used to distinguish between male and female faces.

Thinner lips are thought to decrease the feminine appearance whether you were born with them or whether they’ve thinned as part of the aging process.

Women with full lips are generally considered more attractive, more sensual and more youthful in appearance. If this were not the case, why would so many of Hollywood’s female stars spend countless dollars to get their lips enhanced?

A Manchester University study tracked the eye movements of 50 men as they were shown images of different women found their lips to be a focal point.

The study showed that when the women wore lipstick, men gazed at their lips for an average of seven seconds. Just 0.95 seconds was spent looking at their eyes and only 0.85 seconds was spent studying their hair.

The report concluded that women with full lips and/or wearing lipstick are indeed, more attractive to men.

Plump Up The Volume – Tips For Full Lips

Since all of us are not blessed with a perfect set of lips, there are things we can do to enhance their appearance. The good news is you don’t need big lips to have full lips. Here are a few tips and tricks that makeup artists rely on to give you that fuller “look” without having to resort to injections or surgery.

The Organic Approach to Full Lips

There are four well known organic substances used for plumping the lips.  These work by irritating the sensitive lip skin causing swelling through increased blood flow to the lip capillaries. Results are temporary so in maintaining a certain look, products would need to applied several times during the day or evening. These irritants are:

  • Menthol
  • Camphor
  • Liquid Niacin
  • Cinnamon Leaf Oil

These ingredients are often found as a low dose component of a commercial lip plumpers sold around the $25 to $30 price range depending on the cosmetics company.

Each of these “irritants” can also be purchased in their pure form but in doing so come with a whole host of health warnings due to the potential of severe skin irritation. You also need to decide if the look of full lips is worth the irritation you may experience to get them.

The Artistic Approach to Full Lips

If you choose not to roll the dice with organic substance irritation or invest in a cosmetic lip plumper, you have the option to take an artistic approach. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “smoke and mirrors” and is easier and less expensive than you may think.

Here are more Full Lip Tips for a Big Lip Look:

1)   Brush your lips with a soft toothbrush. This will stimulate blood flow and will at least temporarily give you the appearance of full lips.

2)   Apply a lip balm to your lips to keep them soft. Applying a moisturizer before a lipstick may cause your lipstick to “bleed” or feather beyond your lips lines which we all find unattractive when we see it in someone else. Using a lip balm that is more of a wax base and blotting will keep your lips soft without causing your lipstick to feather when applied.

3)   You can start with enhancing the “V” at the center of your top lip. Use a light concealer or a matte finish white or off-white eye shadow. Place the concealer or shadow in the “V” above your lip line and in-between the two vertical lines that run from your nose to your upper lip. Feather this out at the edges so you don’t look like you have a white smudge at the top of your lip.

4)   To get the look of full lips, sketch on a lip liner with a sharp lip pencil but do it with gentle sketching lines. A dark solid line around the lips looks un-natural. Sketching should start at the “V” of your upper lip and go to the bottom center of your lower lip. Sketch these two areas first and then feather in the rest of your line on either side to meet in the middle, top and bottom.

5)   Run your lip liner just on the outside edge of your natural lip line, using a shade one to two shades darker than your lipstick.

6)   Using a light brown eye liner across the center bottom of your lower lip will provide a shadow effect making your bottom lip look fuller.

7)   Dark lipstick will make your lips look smaller, however, if you use a darker shade and then add a slightly light shade only in the center of your bottom and top lips and feathered out to the sides, you will create the illusion of fullness. Using a concealer or white powder under your lipstick in these two areas will work as well.

8)   Keep the lip pencil sharp and gently sketch a line around your lips. Short sketching marks allow you to “connect” segments into an overall clean line. Long, smooth drawing strokes with a pencil are much more difficult to keep crisp.

9)   Another option would be to cover your lips with the same color makeup foundation that you use on your face. This will create a blank palette from which you can sketch in lip lines just outside your own natural ones. Smudge any sharp lines to look more natural and then apply your lip color. Adding shine only to the center of your upper and lower lips will create a the appearance of full lips.

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