Dry Chapped LipsEveryone has had to deal with chapped lips or dry cracked lips at some point. I mean intellectually, we understand aging…our skin starts losing its suppleness and elasticity along with the ability of our skin to retain moisture. Add to that the annual impacts of the cold, dry and brutal months of winter and the hot blistering months of summer and you get dry, parched skin…especially our lips.

Did you know our lips are the first to show signs of dryness, chipping, scaling and flaking in the winter months as well as dryness and cracking in the summer months?

Apart from being a pain, dry cracked lips can be embarrassing. This can be doubly so if you are caking lipstick on top of those chapped lips giving your mouth a less than inviting appearance. Smooth, supple and moist are the most inviting characteristics for your lips.

Here are 10 Tips to help you kiss those chapped lips goodbye:

  • 1)   We’ve all heard how important hydration is for the skin but this applies to chapped lips as well. Drinking plenty of water and reducing our intake of highly sugared beverages will go a long way to keeping our mouths moist.
  • 2)   Use a protective wax based lip balm as a protective barrier to keep you lips from drying out. Using this on a regular basis before you have chapped lips can prevent them from happening. The wax in the lip balm, keeps moisture from escaping. Use it at night before you go to bed.
  • 3)   If you use a lip balm around the outer lines of your mouth on a regular basis, this will help to minimize and even prevent some of the fine vertical lines that have a tendency to form around our lips as we age.
  • 4)   If you have chapped lips, then a lip balm won’t repair them.  You will need to use ointment-based products containing ingredients such as shea butter, lanolin and vitamin E. Agents such as beeswax and dimethicone, a skin protectant, are often also found in ointment bases. They work to create a barrier against dehydration while the moisturizing ingredients work to fix the chapping.
  • 5)   Stay away from products that have additives like menthol, camphor, eucalyptus or cinnamon in them. While the tingling sensation and the scent they produce might make you think they are working, these additives can actually impact any rapid healing of your lips.
  • 6)   Licking your lips continuously causes your lips to lose moisture. Using a lip balm or moisture on your lips will help to suppress your urge to lick them because they won’t feel dry.
  • 7)   Aloe Vera gel will help heal dry cracked lips but this can feel sticky. It is best to use this at night before bed.
  • 8)   When brushing your teeth at night, brush your lips lightly as well. This will cause them to slightly swell which is a great opportunity for applying a good moisturizer. This will speed healing of chapped lips.
  • 9)   Long wear lipstick can dry your lips to apply lip balm and then blot your lips before applying the lipstick.
  • 10)   If you use exfoliating products on your face, be sure to keep it off your lips as this will excessively dry the sensitive skin.

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