Lip LinesChallenged by vertical lip lines and bleeding lipstick? You’ve probably heard the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth pound of cure”.

By taking a few easy steps before you put on your lipstick, you can minimize your risk for the dreaded bleeding and feathering of lip lines.

We’ve learned that full, colorful, kissable lips are a desired effect for many women and a huge attraction for the opposite sex.

We all use the lipstick in our makeup arsenals to achieve this, however, as we age the fine lip lines and wrinkles around our mouth can lend themselves to lipstick bleeding or feathering derailing our efforts.

Lipstick bleeding and feathering together with lip color sliding into our mouth creases and wrinkles, can be embarrassing and make us self-conscious about our appearance.

Have you ever ducked into a restroom after eating a meal in a restaurant to make repairs to a “seepage” that seems to occur when introduced to food or beverages?

Tips to Stop Unsightly Lip Lines and Lipstick Feathering

Here are some tips to set your mind at rest about vertical lip lines and to help you keep your lipstick in place:

  • 1)   Priming your lips with foundation before you put on your lipstick will help it stay put. The foundation works to fill those little crease channels that usually take your lipstick on a ride outside your lip lines. Wait until the foundation is dry before applying your lipstick color. Use either the same color foundation as you would use on your face or use a slightly lighter shade.
  • 2)   Seal your foundation with a dab of powder to help it stay in place.
  • Lip Lines3)   Select a lip liner with a sharp point and then “sketch” an outline (drawing a solid line around your lips doesn’t look natural) around your lip line. This will act as a dam for stopping your lipstick color at the border. Your lip liner ideally will be one or two shades darker than the natural color of your lips.
  • 4)   Your best application for lipstick, following your foundation and lip liner will be to apply color with a brush. Using a brush and painting inside the lines of your liner will ensure the color fills all the contours of your lips. Be careful not to paint too far into the inside of your lips because you don’t want to get lipstick on your teeth when you smile.
  • 5)   Lipstick creams and glosses are inherently harder than frosts, mattes or long wear lipsticks to keep from bleeding. Their thinner or more emollient properties will travel the contours of your mouth and more so when coupled that glass of wine, dressed salad or favorite burger.
  • 6)   Use lip balm as an alternative to the foundation primer. Lip balm has wax in it that provides a colorless moisture barrier to prevent lip lines. Apply lip balm, blot and then apply your lip color.
  • 7)   Carry either a little foundation, powder compact or lip balm in your purse in the event you need to make a touch up after a meal or cocktails.

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