lip print tattoosLip tattoos in general, including lip print tattoos, are common in tattoo lovers who believe no place on the body should remain without some form of body art.

You may have heard many people talking about lip tattoos recently, and not been sure what they were, or what the big deal was with them.

Thankfully, we want to shed a little light on the subject and have developed a comprehensive guide to lip tattoos that you can use to learn more.

After all, it makes sense to keep up-to-date with what’s going on with cool lip tattoos ideas so those tattoos lovers and the lovers of self-expression who want the latest can have it!

They are also said to be less painful (not verified by this writer) than those adorning other body parts.

There are plenty of different cool lip tattoos that you can get.

There are the temporary lip print tattoos that are great for social events and occasions, and then there are the lipstick tattoos that are basically a form of permanent makeup.

In short, your decision comes down to temporary, semi-permanent or permanent.

Temporary Lip Print Tattoos

Temporary Lip TattoosLet’s imagine for a second you have a big upcoming event to attend and you want to make a splash.

Consider wearing a temporary cool lipstick stick-on design available in just about any color, print (animal, abstract, logo or flag) that completely transforms your lips in a simple cut and paste application.

Imagine the possibilities when you use glitter, polka dots, stripes, words or your own custom, outfit-matching design to perfect your lip print tattoo.

These come in a print lip shaped sheet which you cut to the shape of your mouth. They are easy to apply and can last for hours if you don’t abuse them with mad passionate kissing!

How to Apply Temporary Lip Print Tattoos

Semi-Permanent Lipstick Tattoos

semi-permanent lip tattoosThese are a little bit more permanent than the fun and funky temporary lip tattoos and require a little more thought on your part before making any final decision.

Semi-permanent means you’ll need to love your choice of lip tattoo color for the foreseeable future.

Not quite as long lasting as the tattoos that you may get elsewhere on your skin or body, they’re still there long enough for you to know you may have made a mistake if you don’t go for the right selection. Be sure to compliment your natural coloring.

The right choice for you comes with plenty of benefits:

  • It’s a great way to avoid that makeup rush in the morning before you head off to work.
  • You won’t be leaving any telltale traces of lipstick on your coffee cup, eating utensils and you won’t be ingesting any lipstick when you eat.
  • Being on the receiving end of a few more smooches from that special someone who know longer has to worry about your lipstick on their face.
  • How great would it be to know you can stopping checking you mirror for that embarrassing lipstick smudge on your teeth?
  • Ever get lipstick below your bottom lip when eating corn on the cob or an apple? That problem resolves itself too!

After all, thousands of time and fashion conscious individuals, both men and women, get permanent eyeliner tattoos and even mascara kits to have a more long lasting appeal.

At the end of it all, your lips are a major feature on your face so why not show them off from time to time? Whether it’s temporary lip print tattoos or permanent lipstick tattoos why not give it some thought and see how it can enhance your life.

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