Lip ShapesIf there is one thing that many of us ladies have in common, is that we notice lip shapes and generally want ours to be bigger. We all want we feel is “the perfect lip shape”.

That is, of course, unless you already have lips that Angelina Jolie would be proud of, then you are probably the exception to the rule!

The thing about lip shapes is that you are generally stuck with what you are born with unless you want to look to the extreme as in surgical enhancement.

This can be costly but there are other, more artistic methods you can use to enhance your look — not only can these alter their size and appearance but they just might make you feel better.

Once you have mastered a few simple techniques, you may find that your self-confidence will be greatly improved, especially if the look of your lips is on your mind every time you look in a mirror.

Defining Lip Shapes

Not that it matters your lip type has a name, sometimes it’s interesting to see just how many different lip looks there are.

  1. Full lips – These are lips like those that Angelina Jolie rocks perfectly. Full on both the top and bottom lip, with plenty of plump about them; they are what most men find sensual and sensuous, and most women crave.
  2. Thin lips – Courtney Cox Arquette has pretty thin lips, and although she makes the most of them well with good lip colors and clever glossing, they are still noticeably thinner than most other superstars out there.
  3. Thin on the bottom, and full on the top – Think Angelina meets Courtney and what have you got? The Heidi Klum lip look. She has a rather thin lip on the bottom, and a particularly full top lip, and although can look out of balance, makeup sure helps to mask it.
  4. Wide lips – Julia Roberts rocks this look very well, and again, with the right makeup tricks, you can soon even your lips out so that they don’t look out of proportion to the rest of your face.
  5. Bowed lips – Charlize Theron is a perfect bow lip perfect lip shape example, and these lips have a natural curve to them that automatically makes it look as if you are smiling even when you are not. These lips are also referred to as Joker Lips – like the ones that the Joker has out of the iconic Batman films.
  6. The Cupids Bow – These lips are pretty much perfectly proportioned with a cute cupid’s bow-like appearance on the upper lip. These are very movie style-like; think Taylor Swift and you have the right idea.

Tips for Enhancing your Lip Shape

So what about enhancing the look of your lips to make them look more like you want them to? Well, the good news is that there are plenty of things that you can do to achieve the perfect lip shape for you.

Toning Down Full Lips

Dark Lip ColorIf you have really full lips and you want to play them down a bit, (or a lot) then you can achieve this with a darker lip color.

Dark plums and rich reds may be the perfect colors for you – the darker color makes your lips appear thinner in nature, much in the same way as darker clothing makes you look slimmer, and when you avoid the gloss and stick to matte varieties, you will have what you think is the perfect lip shape in no time at all.

Plumping Thinner Lips

Thin LipsIf you want bigger lips, however, then you have to go the other way. With thin lips, you will want lighter, glossier colors and if you add a subtle hint of an even paler color still in the center of your bottom lip, the reflected light will make it look as if your lips are bigger than they really are.

Glittery varieties can help too, as well as plumping lip glosses, but make sure you don’t overdo it – you don’t want to look like a 13-year old that has gone mad with her mother’s cosmetic collection!

Lip Liner Lessons

Lip LinerLip liner is the perfect tool for changing the way your lips look to achieve the perfect lip shape. Using a nude color, you can make your lips look bigger or smaller, and with a clever bit of shading, you can even make your lips look an entirely different shape altogether.

If you crave that Cupid’s bow look, you can simple use the nude color lip liner to make it look as if you have one. Just be careful with a lip pencil, however, as too much may having you looking a little like “The Joker” on Batman!

The key to lip liner is to make it look natural.

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