Lipstick FactsLipstick facts may not be of interest to many but here are a few that just might make you think.

There are certainly a lot of ladies (and a few gents) that just want apply lipstick and get on about their business, but lipstick has revealed some interesting trivia through its evolution.

There are many more than we’ve included here and most with a historical significance that predates 5,000 BC.

What we have listed below applies more to modern day…a few of which may just raise an eyebrow.

Curious Lipstick Facts Found Fortuitously

  1. Women will use up to 9 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. Think about this the next time you pick up a 5-pound bag of sugar.
  2. Lipstick sales statistically increase on the days weather is gloomy.
  3. Not surprising, lipstick is the most commonly shoplifted item…good things come in small packages!
  4. Men caught wearing lipstick during the French Revolution were considered sympathetic to the aristocracy and were at risk for getting their heads removed by the guillotine.
  5. According a past issue of the ‘Ladies’ Home Journal,’ 65% of women use lipstick daily and 25% won’t leave the house without it.
  6. No one was permitted to wear red lipstick on the sets of some of Elizabeth Taylor’s films since the siren side of Taylor was based off wearing red shades.
  7. It is said that Elizabeth Arden’s obituary read “she treated women like horses and horses like women.” That may have stemmed in part from the fact that she was said to have applied her signature pink lipstick to all her horses’ mouths…really?
  8. Seriously, who today thinks they can’t touch up their lipstick in public? Apparently only 75% of women who wear lipstick think this is not a breach of etiquette.
  9. 90% of women feel that wearing lipstick makes them feel better about themselves and don’t do it to attract men.
  10. 75% of women select shades they feel look best on them and don’t wear a particular color to suit their plans. (Further validation of how smart women are!)
  11. Surveys suggest that most lipstick wearers would rather give up a prize possession than give up their lipstick.
  12. Not a big surprise here…70% of men polled think red lipstick is sexy.
  13. Some world-wide cosmetic companies claim to sell one lipstick per second.
  14. How many lipsticks do you own? Women surveyed in a 2010 poll showed that 40% owned more than 20.
  15. A poll in 2002 stated that 37% of women believed their lipsticks helped them flirt their way out of a speeding ticket. (That just goes to show you that you should wear red lipstick when driving!)
  16. A 2007 poll reported that 82% of women felt less confident in the workplace and in dating if they didn’t wear lipstick.
  17. We only throw 10% of our unused lipstick away.
  18. About 15% of our lipstick goes down the drain when we shower or wash our faces.
  19. We leave 5% of our lipstick behind on our drink glasses, coffee cups, water bottles and soft drink cans.
  20. We leave another 5% of our lipstick on forks, spoons and knives when we eat.
  21. 30% or more of our lipstick ends up in our stomach, more so with the flavored shades due to lip licking and eating.

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