MAC Meltdown Orange Lipsticks FakesWanting to add orange lipsticks to your MAC Cosmetics collection? Before you have a MAC Meltdown you need to know that the world of knock-offs have officially kissed MAC Lipsticks.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is investigating major makeup counterfeiting rings with the MAC brand added to the list of those being counterfeited as noted in an online recent Daily Mail article.

These clever lookalikes have duped unwitting buyers  — reportedly on both Amazon and eBay — with the unpleasant results including allergic reactions and infections, when used. While Amazon’s policy does not support counterfeits, they can’t be responsible for third party sales.

While we all want a great deal, especially during the holidays, don’t be too sure you can spot a fake. You might think a deeply discounted price is a dead giveaway but some shades in this big MAC attack are selling for just a few dollars less than the real deal.

Tips for Spotting a MAC Mimic in Orange Lipsticks

Those investigating complaints have found the counterfeited MAC lipsticks are manufactured in China. So how can you spot the fakes? Existing MAC cosmetics users are better equipped to spot a phony than first time buyers. They know what the original packaging looks like. Some clues to suggest you might not have the real deal when buying orange or any other color lipsticks are:

      • Smell the lipstick – does it have the light vanilla-like essence of your other MAC lipsticks or does it have no odor or a slight chemical smell to it?
      • Check the box – MAC has a printed inner flap under the box lid and generally the fakes do not
      • Look at the lipstick in the tube itself – is it smooth all the way around or inconsistent in appearance
      • Check the weight, coloring and banding of the tube itself – is the material quality and color the same as an original?
      • Check the MAC logo on the original versus a suspected fake – are the letters the same thickness and the “dots” between the letters perfectly round?
      • Interchange the lids on the suspected fake with the lid from an original MAC lipstick. Do the lids fit exactly the same on either tube or is one slightly bigger than the other?
      • Look at the positioning of the MAC logo stamped on the inside lipstick tube. Is it positioned in the same location as an original?
      • Does the stamped box printing rub off easily?
      • Look at the color and letter width of the MAC logo – Is the coloring a true silver as in an original and is the lettering consistent in its thickness?
      • Does the chrome finish of the inner tube show premature signs of wear in comparison to an original with repeated top removal?

See the pictures below and see if you can tell which ones are real and which ones are the impostors — looking closely, it’s pretty easy to tell.

MAC Lipstick Fake

MAC Lipstick Fake


Unfortunately, knock-offs are a big business but think about what you’re doing when the product actually interacts with your lips and skin. Did you know that 30% or more of our lipstick ends up in our stomachs solely due to lip licking and food consumption? See more surprising lipstick facts HERE.

Is the risk of what you might actually be getting — and possibly ingesting — worth the few dollars you save on that “great deal” for a popular branded product like MAC?

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