What is SmoochingSmooching may be a bit of a lost art today. After all, we’re exposed to sex and intimacy, even if only implied, through advertisements, billboards, fashion magazines, movies and on television.

It’s easy, with today’s fast paced lifestyles, to forget that we should slow down and take the time to enjoy life (when we can) in single moments.

Taking the time to “smooch” can create an enjoyable yet intimate magical connection between you and your partner or someone special. It keeps the moment light and fun while bringing about an endorphin inducing sense of well-being.

This article is about rediscovering the art of smooching. Those who haven’t heard of it before may find a new way of expression while navigating their way to passionate kissing.

Remember, smooching is meant to be fun and we’re here to help you learn how to do it and enjoy it.

Have You Ever Been Smooched?

SmoochingThe term “smooch” or “smooching”, in short, refers to a form of the kiss or what we know as kissing. Researching the smooch meaning online revealed that it’s an understood practice of combining “enthusiastic” or “playful” cuddling and spontaneous kissing.

Either way, smooches are all about that special, no pressure kiss and about making them as affectionate, impromptu and fun as possible.

A smooch is often done on impulse as a sign of affection for someone. Have you ever seen in a movie where someone goes to plant a kiss on somebody’s cheek and that person turns their head so it lands on their lips? That would be considered an example of an impromptu smooch.

Smooches Are About More Than Kissing

That old saying “a kiss is just a kiss” is one that you’ll need to forget if you want to master the art of smooching. We’re not saying that kissing isn’t a powerful thing because it helps you to express what you feel for another person.

SmoochingSmooching is still a form of kissing but comes from a different place. How many relationships have made a transition from friendship to lovers thanks to a smooch?

How many of us have planted a smooch on someone as a barrier breaker taking a friendship to that next level? You’ve probably been smooching all along without realizing it.

Smooching isn’t something to be taken for granted either — no matter how long you’ve been with someone. Not only does it help you to relate and share what you feel about that special person, but it can also help to keep you connected as well. The spontaneous smooch is given freely in that moment and received as an unexpected gift. Smooching can keep love alive long after those first butterflies in the stomach have flown.

Smooching is also a great way to convey how you feel when those right magical words seem to escape you. A quick smooch on the check or the lips of somebody you care about says more than any words you can combine.

Tips for Nailing the Art of Smooching

Here are a few things to remember when it comes to smooches so that both you and your friend, partner, lover or mate will get the most out of that moment:


smoochesWhen it comes to smooches pace matters. Starting off slow leaves the suggestion there may be more to come. This is a great way to assess the mood of your partner.

A gentle, spontaneous smooch is likely to gain more favor than a full on frontal attack. Soft, slow kisses are a great way to also show someone how much you like or love and respect them.

You can make someone’s heart melt by taking your time. Show them that you are enjoying your time with them and want it to continue. In return, you’ll be able to tell if they’re receptive to moving to more.


SmoochesWhen you decide to capture the moment, whether light delicate smooches or playful smooching, the last thing you want to do is be sloppy.

As adorable as a big wet kiss from your golden retriever may be; wet smooches or those all over the place are not enjoyable even if your heart is in the right place. If the lips are what you’re aiming for then make sure your kisses focus on the lips instead of sloppily catching the chin or the nose too. A little goes a long way and who knows, it might just lead to something more. The last thing you want is your partner wiping off their face.


SmoochingBe impulsive but relax at the same time. This means that your body and lips should be relaxed when you kiss someone and not like you’re coming in for a landing. You may not realize it, but if you’re tense it will come across as awkward in your kissing and not seem natural and spontaneous.

This can put your partner off and cause them to tense up as well. Allowing your body and lips to relax helps your lips move and mesh with your partner’s lips more freely which is crucial for anyone who wants to be seen as a good kisser. No one enjoys smooching with someone who feels stiff and tight-lipped. So take a deep breath and give in to instinct. Don’t over think your kiss or you’ll ruin it.

Have Fun With It and Do It Often

Just remember, smooching is all about having fun and being spontaneous. You’ll create a pressure-free, pleasurable moment for you and your partner. This will not only leave them looking forward to the next one but leave them with a warm memory of the last.

Be impulsive and show that special someone you care with a smooch – you might just get one back!

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