How to Get Perfect LipsGetting those perfect lips are an obsession for many. After all, our mouth is one of the more noticeable focal points of our face.

We can all use tips and techniques that will help us improve our appearance.

When we feel good about our appearance then we exude the confidence that makes others feel good about what they see in us (and on us) as well. Beautiful lips contribute to that feeling.

Because there is a wealth of information on the internet through retail websites, beauty blogs, forums and YouTube, we are virtually guaranteed that we can become our own makeup artist at home…but it’s a lot of information to digest on the road to perfect lips so where do you start?

Time Well Spent for Beautiful Lips

Perfect LipsSince we typically spend more time on our hair and on our eyes, maybe some will feel that slapping on a little lip color is all there needs to be. And for those, maybe perfect lips aren’t essential.

Well here’s something you may not have considered – lips have been proven by the expects to be one of the most important focal points of your face. And just maybe, some of those experts know what they’re talking about.

After doing a lot of research on our journey to decoding the perfect lips; we collected some lip and lipstick tips and tricks. These tips will help you achieve the look of beautiful lips and you might find a few surprises.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Lips

  • When testing lipstick in a store, apply it your fingertip in lieu of your palm or wrist because your finger tip is a closer match to your natural lip color.
  • Make sure your lip liner is in the same color family as your lipstick. In other words, perfect lips mean don’t mix warm and cool colors.
  • Red lipstick will make your teeth look whiter. Ever notice the red lipstick on the models in toothpaste commercials? The tip here is to make sure the shade of red has bluish or purplish undertones (cool colors) and not orange or yellow undertones that will actually make your teeth look yellower.
  • Tone down your eye makeup so you are not competing against the perfect lips. Decide whether you want people to notice your eyes first or your lips.
  • Love that pink? You’ll find your perfect shade if you stick with one that is no lighter than your gums.
  • Using castor oil on your lips will create a sheen after it dries that won’t smear easily.
  • More mature women should avoid using matte finish lipsticks since this will create an older appearance. Using a light gloss finish on top will make those perfect lips pop.
  • Rolling the tip of a lip pencil in your hands before applying will warm it up and prevent hard looking lip lines.
  • For a lip-lined “look” without the lip liner, apply a light concealer in the “V” at the center top of your lip and feather it out. This will also make your lips look fuller.
  • Lip stains work best and stay true longer when you exfoliate your lips by using a soft bristled toothbrush before applying. For perfect lips, lightly brush your lips when you brush your teeth.
  • Applying a lip balm about 15 minutes prior to using a lip stain will keep your lips softer looking and provide a great moisture barrier.
  • Using a sheer golden gloss over any lip color will warm it up (tip…gold is in the warm color family).
  • Coloring inside the lines by filling in your entire upper and lower lip with a neutral colored lip pencil before applying lipstick, will make it last longer.
  • If you prefer a beige or neutral lip color, match it to your skin tone. A frosty finish or a shade too brown can make you look older.
  • If you want to make your lipstick last longer, apply one coat, blot it and then apply another coat. Blotting the first layer of your lipstick will remove any excess and any oils that may be in it. This layered approach will keep matte finishes on your lips longer for that beautiful lip look.
  • Don’t apply lipstick right after moisturizing. The lipstick will adhere better and stay on longer after the moisturizer has had time to absorb.
  • Define your “cupid’s bow”…the “V” at the top of your upper lip with a lip liner. Don’t draw where you don’t have lips and make sure your lines are feathered and not solid. If you happen to wear off your lipstick drinking a toast, you don’t want to be left with a solid ring around your mouth.
  • Chewing gum is as bad as licking your lips when it comes to losing your lip color. Just saying…not the best choice for perfect lips!
  • Don’t get too close to your skin color with your lipstick shade unless you are going for the natural look. Leave the neutral shades for your lip liner when matching color palettes.
  • The shelf life of lipstick can be anywhere from 1 to 4 years depending on who you talk to. Since lipstick is not made with water, it is not as prone to drying out or spoiling like some other cosmetics. Remember, though, that because lipstick is used in your mouth area, you may want to consider tossing it if you’ve worn a particular tube while you were sick.
  • You can tell if a lipstick is starting to go bad by its smell. Because it contains oils, the oils will go bad at some point. Also look for a change in texture and spreadability. Don’t jeopardize perfect lips with a bad tube.
  • To remove lipstick stains from clothing, believe it or not, toothpaste is supposed to work the best. Apply toothpaste to the stain and vigorously rub it in before you add that piece of clothing to your wash cycle.
  • If your lips are dark due to smoking, excess coffee or tea drinking, then try these tips for lightening your lips:
    • Apply lemon juice once a day for 10 to 15 minutes to lighten
    • Apply toothpaste and leave it on your lips while you’re in the shower
    • Use petroleum jelly or lip balm on your lips will provide a barrier against staining before you drink any staining beverages or smoke
    • Use equal parts of castor oil, lemon juice and glycerin on your lips before bed and leave it on overnight

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