Types of Lip PiercingTypes of lip piercings have joined the long list of other body piercings documented and dating back some 5,000 years.

These days, it would seem almost unnatural to bump into a person that doesn’t have a piercing or tattoo of some sort, somewhere on their body.

For some of us, these body modifications are guilty secrets, carefully hidden from our parents, friends and loved ones.

For others, they are right out there for all to see and marvel at. With the right jewelry, you will often find that these body modifications are actually perfect ways to accessorize an outfit, but the wrong jewelry can not only look scary, but also rather impractical.

A Unique Form of Expression

Types of Lip PiercingsLip piercings are one of the most common types of piercings out there today, and if you were to walk down the street for a few minutes, there is a good chance that you will bump into at least one person that has a form of upper or lower lip piercing.

We will start with the most common types of lip piercings:

  • Labret – This style is probably the most common form of lower lip piercing and usually involves a single stud through the center of the bottom lip. For women, this type of lip piercing can make the lip look plumper and more pronounced. Christina Aguilera once had one of these funky piercings, as did the lead singer of the hit band “Linkin Park”; showing that this style of lower lip piercing is good for both men and women alike.
  • Madonna/Monroe – This is an upper lip piercing was aptly named after the cute beauty spot that Madonna had on her upper lip, to the side of the mouth. Again, usually consisting of a single stud, this is a piercing that very few men have, but seems to be very popular in women, particularly the younger ones. You may also have heard this upper lip piercing being called the Monroe after Marilyn Monroe, who also had this very famous beauty spot.
  • Medusa – This upper lip piercing is one that seems only just to be coming into fashion, and is very similar to the Labret, just on the center of the top lip rather than on the bottom. This is a cute way to accessories your “Cupids Bow” if you have one, and when teamed with the right jewelry, this upper lip piercing can look very beautiful indeed!
  • Side Lip – Again, this is the same as the Madonna/Monroe piercing, but falls on the bottom lip to the side, rather than on the top.
  • Snake Bites – If you have the side lip, there is a good chance you are going to end up with snake bites, which is basically both sides of the lower lip pierced with a stud that matches the appearance of a snake bite. This is also referred to as Lobrets. These types of lip piercings are usually matched by an “emo” look about a younger person, and again, when teamed with the right body jewelry, can make the bottom lip look plumper in nature. Of the types of lip piercings, this one is popular with both the boys and the girls.
  • Spider Bites -Think snake bites, but just on one side of the lip. Rapper and actor, Lil Wayne, has these piercings – basically, you have two piercings, side by side, on one side of your bottom lip.

Many Types of Lip Piercings

There are a number of variations of the above mentioned types of lip piercings.

Of course, if you were to take a quick look online, you will probably see hundreds of different lower and upper lip piercing variations –  all paired together for a unique and individual look.

Types of Lip PiercingsThere has recently been a new craze in the world of lip piercings, and this one is a bar, almost like a curved eyebrow barbell, and it goes right through the center of the bottom lip vertically.

It has one ball just under the lip and one ball directly in the center of the softest part of your lip and usually goes by the name of the vertical labret.

The good news about lip piercings, regardless of what kind you have, is that there are so many selections when it comes to picking jewelry for them. It’s guaranteed that you will never be out of options.

Be sure to check out gemstone barbells that add a touch of femininity to any piercing, as well as rings for that “emo” look, colored barbells – rainbow, black, silver, gold, pink, blue, etc., and much more besides.

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