What Your Lipstick Shades SayYou select lipstick shades basically the same way you choose your outfit. After all, it’s your own personal sense of style.

But what do your lipstick shades really say about you? You’ll find that the personality traits associated with lipstick colors will closely resemble your own personal fashion sense.

When we think of fashion, we usually think of clothing but fashion, in a broader sense, can represent many things. For example, consider fashion as a symbol of things in our daily lives, like our hairstyles, footwear, makeup, recreation, housing, how we think, food trends, and car preferences to name a few.

Fashion can reflect any age, what we think about society, and our lifestyle in real time. Primarily, fashion is our sense of self-expression.

We use fashion to define our own true sensibilities and intellect. How do you feel when you are wearing your favorite clothes or favorite colors? The answer is generally positive otherwise, you wouldn’t waste any time in making selections.

Is There a Hidden Meaning in Lipstick Shades?

  • Brown/Taupe Shades – These shades are the traditional colors of the earth. They suggest you are an orderly individual. You are viewed as warm, comfortable and wholesome. You also appear to others as genuine, natural and dependable. You are not overly outgoing and don’t get ruffled too easily. You generally look to find what is good in everything.
  • Orange/Peach Shades – Deeper orange shades represent fire, the sun, warmth and an individual who is just plain fun. Visually, the color orange is said to increase oxygen supply to the brain and to stimulate mental activity. As your shade transitions to a paler peach, you are perceived as cheerful and warm but more understated than the deeper orange lipstick shade. This balmy color also suggests your genuine warmth toward others.
  • Pink Shades – Your bright pink lips represent a kind of universal of love. Pink lipstick, as a quieter version of red, suggests undertones of a little spunkiness just below the surface. Pink wearers are generally younger and lovers of all things beautiful. They project to others feeling of tenderness, self-worth and acceptance, yet a little innocence.
  • Purple/Mauve Shades – The darker the shade the more regal the personality. Purple lipstick shades symbolize power, luxury and magic but also a little mystery. These colors are feminine and romantic, yet strong and confident. The lighter shades suggest a more restrained sophistication.
  • Red Shades – This almost needs no description because the word itself stirs hot, sexy, or passionate emotions. If you wear red lipstick, you are outgoing and confident, and you’re not easily intimidated. You go after what you want and are passionate in your moods…both good and bad.


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